If you’re like me and obsessed with DECORATING, PICTURES, BEFORE & AFTERS and HOW TO’S… Welcome Home!

Here’s what will you find at Parkham Living:

About //  Another BLOG? Find out the WHY behind Parkham Living.

Our Home Tour //  Our home is always a work in progress. I’m a perfectionist by nature, so it never feels completed. The home tour, I’m beginning with, was our first home. We recently sold it and moved across town to start a new adventure to help start Jesus Culture Church, Northern California. We are in transition, so we moved into a rental. I have begun the process of decorating the new rental and can’t wait to show you! If you are a Renter, this is PERFECT for you. I will give lots of ideas and tips on personalizing your rental.

Celebrations //  Throughout the year, I’m honored to decorate many events for friends, family, my church and other ministries. This is a look inside these events including some ‘How To’s’, inspiration and AGAIN… lots of pictures.

Tutorials //   I may not be handy, but I’m crafty. I love to make inexpensive things look like a million bucks! Let’s grab our glue guns and make something fun without breaking our budget.

Contact //  I love meeting people who love the same things I do. Feel free to drop an email or even easier…  follow and tag me on Instagram or Facebook.

Shop //  During the month of December 2014 I opened a shop to sell Parkham Pillows and was amazed by the love, support, and DEMAND. As of now, my shop is closed but have some amazing things planned in the coming months.

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